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Who We Help

Our clients are located across the United States and around the world, innovating and building brands. Whether we are handling patent or trademark prosecution, managing intellectual property portfolios, advising with licensing transactions, conducting intellectual property due diligence or working as of part of a litigation team, we bring our collective expertise to provide the best solutions to our clients in a most efficient manner.


Not sure who to call when you have an intellectual property issue? Let us help. Essentially functioning as an in-house counsel, our attorneys provide honest, unvarnished, cost-effective advice on how to address intellectual property issue whether with an employee, contractor, or competitor. We are an IP boutique law firm that specializes in portfolio building for large and small companies, including preparation, prosecution, and appeals for patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Over the years, we have assisted many companies in the identification, creation, and securing intellectual property rights.


We understand the challenges of academic research and the challenges facing university technology transfer and technology commercialization offices. Trying to pick the winning technologies to protect on a limited budget is no easy task. Our firm can help with the identification, protection, and licensing of various technologies through intellectual property licensing agreements, technology, or material transfer agreements. We provide counseling to your team on a range of issues, from how to handle difficult problems around inventorship and ownership, to fair use of data in machine learning to the protection of academic research through utility patents, design patents, know-how licensing, and copyright registration.

General Practice
Law Firms

Are you an attorney that has a client with an intellectual property related issue in business, litigation, trust and estates, bankruptcy, or other areas? Add another dimension to your legal team. Our firm only concentrates on intellectual property. We would be pleased to work with you either upfront or, when appropriate, behind the scenes – your choice - to provide your clients with the best possible outcome whether in domestic intellectual property or our network of intellectual property professionals worldwide. Many times, we spot intellectual property issues that help save the entire cost of our engagement with your client.

Foreign Counsel

We work with foreign counsel and law firms worldwide to represent the interests of their clients in the United States. We provide candid advice that not only addresses the immediate need, but also seeks to cultivate a continuing cooperative relationship. In addition to the services that we provide our US based clients, foreign counsel rely upon our experience in: preparing and prosecuting US National Patent Applications of PCT Applications; preparing and prosecuting US utility and design patent applications claiming priority to foreign applications; assuming representation of US design applications filed under the Hague Convention; preparing and prosecuting US trademark applications claiming priority to foreign applications and/or based on foreign registrations; and assuming representation of US trademark applications filed under the Madrid Protocol. Due to the country-specific nature of intellectual property law, we work with a network of associates to represent the interests of our clients worldwide. Our clients enjoy the benefits of our longstanding relationships.

Transaction +
Financial Firms

Intellectual property are valuable assets. As a result, consideration of intellectual property continues to gain appreciation in the consulting, accounting and banking industries. Ask our firm to perform an intellectual property audit of a target company as part of your due diligence when seeking a partnership, or acquisition.


Whether you are across the street or halfway around the world, our firm recognizes the importance of individual inventors. While some firms do not give priority to individuals, we welcome them and realize that each inventor has much invested in their invention. After all, every billion dollar company was started by an individual inventor. Be that individual and let us put our expertise to work for you.


Our firm routinely works collaboratively for other law firms and companies needing overflow assistance or just a second set of eyes on a 101 patent eligibility rejection or AI-related invention on a contract/flat rate basis. Fleit Intellectual Property Law is available to assist you as a trusted behind-the-scenes consultant to augment your team or, if you prefer, work directly with you and your clients. We routinely file patents and trademarks for our clients and provide a quick turnaround for urgent matters. Your client’s satisfaction is our singular focus.

Here is an example of our patent work. We have extensive experience in various areas of patent and trademark prosecution, including:

• Searches and opinion letters
• Drafting and filing of provisional, utility, design, and plant patent applications
• Filing and prosecution of International or foreign patent applications
• Drafting of responses to Office Actions for patents
• Conducting Examiner Interviews on Office Actions
• Patent Assignments
• Clearance and infringement opinions
• Expert witness services

• Searches and opinion letters
• Preparation and filing of trademark applications
• Fling and prosecution of International or foreign trademark applications
• Drafting of responses to Office Actions
• Conducting Examining Attorney Interviews on Office Actions
• Trademark Assignments
• Infringement opinions
• Oppositions and related pleadings and settlement documents
• Cancellation actions and related pleadings and settlement documents

• Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Licensing Agreements
• Prepare and review contracts related to IP, including software, SaaS, developers agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, and technology agreements.

Please contact us to schedule a time to discuss your overflow needs.